War Trigger - Beta

Release Notes

Alpha Release 0.7.9f3

- Added 1v1 Duels to Base Camp

- Added headshot reward & banner

- Added Loadout selection screen for spawning

- Added Team voice/text chat

- Added Push-to-talk

- Improved the text size of player names/vehicle damage

- Improved: sniper & demo weapons buff

- Fixed kills not working properly

- Fixed team 1 vehicles in Frankfurt not updating properly

- Fixed: player can't move when spawning after the first match

- Fixed: M4 Spec Ops sight is white when Bloom is off

- Fixed localization in Browse Games screen

- Fixed: vehicle kills you when exiting

- Fixed: error logs for each frame that could impact performance

Alpha Release 0.7.9f2

- Added new map: Classic Frankfurt

- Added new weapons to Unlock screen

- Added Infantry only game mode

- Improved vehicle running over infantry

- Improved first person character & animations

- Optimized: reduce memory allocations

- Fixed: vehicles/characters states not updating properly

- Fixed sun blocked by invisible colliders

- Fixed: Unlock screen not showing level requirement

Alpha Release 0.7.9f1

- Added limited vehicle ammo & repair station

- Added vehicle multi-gunner support

- Fixed: HMARS rockets exploding at the barrel

- Fixed: fall damage not working properly over network

- Fixed an issue picking up ammo into the wrong slot

- Fixed: Anti-tank mines not triggering

- Fixed missing Spanish localization

Alpha Release 0.7.8f3

- Added projectile fly-by sounds for vehicles

- Added game type to loading screen

- Improved turning for M-163

- Optimized network data usage for vehicles

- Optimized: reduced memory allocations

- Fixed: invisible stair ramps receive decals in Sand Storm

- Fixed spawns & invisible wall in Favela TDM

Alpha Release 0.7.8f2

- Improved arrow marker for vehicles

- Improved vehicle weapon accuracy

- Improved gun SAW materials

- Improved vehicle stats, speed & weapon spread

- Improved: reduced explosion particles

- Improved: reveal enemy name when shooting/damaged in vehicle

- Improved: reduced area damage for rocket launchers

- Fixed: rocket launchers not dealing enough damage

- Fixed: vehicle kills not reporting

- Fixed incorrect HUD for Little Bird

- Fixed: vehicle health bar appear when collide into objects

- Fixed: prevent enemies from entering your vehicle

- Fixed: teleport into vehicle by pressing E

Alpha Release 0.7.8f1

- Added new vehicles: M-163, HMARS, M-60A3, M-2A1

- Added vehicles to maps: PT-76, BRDM, Little Bird

- Added honks to Hummer

- Improved foot step sound fall off

- Improved vehicle running over infantry

- Fixed: comms Menu not working when driving the Hummer

- Fixed: vehicle running over passenger on exit

Alpha Release 0.7.7f7

- Improved: weapons start with specific amount of ammo

- Improved: can pick up additional ammo from Ammo Depot while reloading

- Improved the recoil & sights for M4 Spec Ops & BAR

- Improved: balanced territories gameplay in Favela

- Improved: added physical barriers between Teams in Favela (Territories)

- Improved: Increased max level to 35

- Fixed team names in Victory/Defeat Screen

- Fixed: objects disappearing when looking through some windows in Favela

Alpha Release 0.7.7f6

- Added Spanish localization

- Improved the recoil of some guns

- Improved: moved operable chairs around the table in Base Camp

- Improved: moved spawn points for Team 2

- Fixed brightness setting not working for some maps

- Fixed: Boot Camp subtitles blocked by Item Bar

- Fixed: reload sync issue after changing weapon at the end of reloading

- Fixed multi-reloads for Demo weapons after rapid weapon switching

- Fixed: firing a round when switching to knife even when out of ammo

- Fixed an issue with players "killing each other"

Alpha Release 0.7.7f5

- Added Red Dawn map

- Added gun recoil

- Improved: updated item bar & FPS/stats HUD

- Improved: reduced ambient sounds in Sand Storm

- Improved: Items in equipment affect move speed

- Improved hip firing and bullet scattering

- Improved: retry changing item if it failed

- Improved the sight for M4 Spec Ops

- Fixed gun ammo count not synced after respawning

- Fixed Sand Storm lighting

- Fixed: character movement increases on slopes

- Fixed: can't sprint while slashing with knife

- Fixed: bullet decals not showing for some surfaces

- Fixed: can't shoot after entering portal in Base Camp while reloading

Alpha Release 0.7.7f4

- Added date to Play Test schedule

- Fixed team names in Scoreboard

- Fixed: volume options does not affect bullet fly-by sounds

- Fixed: victory/defeat reward giving phantom items

- Fixed: distant network objects always occluded

Alpha Release 0.7.7f3

- Improved: server validated hit markers

- Fixed network sync issue with firing

- Fixed circle reticle bug

- Fixed can't join any match after closing the Victory/Defeat screen too quickly

- Fixed: Ammo count not updating after reload

- Fixed AK 47 iron sight

Alpha Release 0.7.7f2

- Added marker for teammates

- Improved team balance

- Improved crowbar range & melee weapon hit detection

- Improved: increased max level to 24

- Fixed: friendly-fire in TDM

- Fixed incorrect play test schedule

- Fixed: anti-tank mine not working for vehicles

- Fixed Squads closing after match ends

Alpha Release 0.7.7f1

- Added end time to Play Test schedule

- Improved netcode: lower latency with hit detection

- Improved character network rotation

- Improved: removed Die sound from crowbar

- Fixed: text chat bubble repeating for some players

- Fixed: prevent empty loadout slots that my cause "ghost" players

- Fixed: players teleporting from nowhere

Alpha Release 0.7.6f7

- Added items to the shop

- Added interactable chairs to Base Camp

- Improved: allow switching weapon while reloading

- Fixed operable camera sensitivity

- Fixed: can't kill player while in Hummer

Alpha Release 0.7.6f6

- Added text bubble chat

- Improved: increased delay for health regeneration with 50% max recovery

- Improved: reduced latency with a higher network tick rate

- Improved: increased friendly player name distance

- Fixed: not getting kills from claymores/grenades

- Fixed incorrect in-game chat UI position

Alpha Release 0.7.6f5

- Added: display message when shooting a player with Spawn Protection

- Added option to turn off hold to aim

- Added bad word filtering

Alpha Release 0.7.6f4

- Added 5s spawn protection

- Improved netcode for hit detection

- Fixed sensitivity scaling issues under 100%

- Fixed: HUD disappears when die while aiming

Alpha Release 0.7.6f3

- Improved: sprinting now overrides crouching & aiming

- Fixed: look input snaps and floats after aiming or switching views

Alpha Release 0.7.6f2

- Improved: increased frame cap to 300 FPS

- Improved: adjusted character ammo capacity

- Improved: keep look rotation when exiting vehicles

- Improved: Restricted 3rd person view to Base Camp only

- Fixed: Sand Storm palm trees not moving with the wind

- Fixed legs disappearing while crouching

- Fixed: falling thru map after exiting Hummer

- Fixed: Can’t plant Claymores on roads and some surfaces

- Fixed camera look sensitivity issues

Alpha Release 0.6.6

- New Gamepad/Keyboard guides

- New: Basic Training

- Improved Create Match Screen: removed extra options

- Improved Scoreboard & GameScreenUI for Basic Training

- Fixed: can't auto join team when TeamSelect UI is not open

- Fixed an issue with match starting with no players in teams

- Fixed an issue with scene entities not spawning properly

- Fixed match ending immediately in Battle Royale

- Fixed an issue with Battle Royale not starting when no one is in Team 1

- Fixed: indicators disappear when remote player aims

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